Inicio Mundo Line 3 of Santiago Metro will be inaugurated no later than January...

Line 3 of Santiago Metro will be inaugurated no later than January 2019


The Chilean President, Sebastian Piñera, and the Minister of Transportation and Communications, Gloria Hutt, were part of the run-through for what will be the functioning of the Line 3 of the Santiago Metro, which will connect the communes La Reina and Quilicura and is expected to enter into operations within the next two months.

Minister Hutt said: “The priority here is to be certain that all safety measures are covered, so as long as there is some safety issue to review or a minor construction detail that could affect the passengers, I prefer that they take one more week and that everything is perfectly ok when it starts.”

Santiago Metro manifested via its Twitter account: “The run-through is a process where we test all the functionalities of the line before entering to service. Thus, we give reliability to the system and to the people who will work in the stations”.

Line 3 will have 22 kilometers and 18 stations and it will take 30 minutes for it to travel its complete route, while travelling it in bus takes an hour.

The brand new line will benefit inhabitants and workers from the communes Quilicura, Conchalí, Independencia, Santiago, Ñuñoa and La Reina.